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The Yellow River was cleared once in a thousand years Lifelong willing to do spring silkworm, The soul turns into the Yellow River.


- -To commemorate the Yellow River in the millennium of the first and fourth anniversary of the large poetry recitation to the great mother motherland.


Every time to see the Xiangjiang bloody battle heroic sacrifice 50,000 heroes of the Red Army, every time to see the Songshan battle died for the country only 9 years old to 15 years old seven thousand baby soldiers, every time to see the fight against the United States for the mother of the motherland and all the heroic ice sculpture, Yang Gensi, Qiu Shaoyun, Huang Jiguang. Every Chinese with a conscience and a soul has tears in our eyes.


(In order to fight against the Japanese aggression to defend the motherland 7,000 average twelve years old of the baby soldier Songshan battle died for the country, the youngest is only nine years old, the last words of the next life to fight the Japanese, make countless people tears)


Since 1840 years, in the vast land of the motherland. Countless people's heroes who have died selflessly for the country have turned into fertile soil. But the spirit of the heroes do not die, they have turned into a roaring pentium for the benefit of the Chinese people-the Yellow River. She moistens the land of the motherland and protects the Chinese people. Protect the great motherland.


The Yellow River millennium qing once is wandering over the motherland countless martyrs of the heroes of the people. She told the next generation of the motherland that every grain of rice we eat is full of the infinite affection of the ancestors to the next generation, containing the sweat and blood of countless revolutionary heroes. Composition of our Chinese people every cell is full of the genes of the Chinese heroes and martyrs.


The people are the heaven and the people are the country. In the new era, every Chinese of us should respect our ancestors and the people's heroes who died for the country. As long as everyone's heart is shining deep in serving the people heart and soul, the right way in the world is vicissitudes of life, and the people's yearning for a better life is the light of our lifelong goal, our great motherland will always be prosperous and stand proudly standing in the east of the world.


(For the sake of the motherland organized sacrifice in the Changjin Lake volunteer ice eagle heroes, see what we can not give up)


Countless revolutionary martyrs in front of us heroic sacrifice, let us inherit their legacy, with their blood forward.


Under the wise leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Yellow River millennium Qing team saw a mulberry leaf, saw the Silk Road, saw Belt and Road, saw the human peace, health and happiness according to the distribution of a beautiful communist tomorrow.


In the past four years, they have first built the Yellow River into a global well-known trademark brand, and upgraded it into a new era Chinese name card that condenses the strength of China in the new era and spreads the excellent traditional Chinese culture.



The right way in the world is the vicissitudes of life. The Yellow River has won the concerted support of thousands of new media workers around the world with hundreds of unprecedented great inventions and innovations, the spirit of selfless dedication and the full positive energy for the benefit of all mankind. With the media as the guidance, with the Yellow River once the world's top mulberry roots as the leader, is leading the earth villagers to build China dragon tree artificial intelligence changes the sea, let the eastern big country sericulture mulberry yellow series of organic nourishing food, replace genetically modified food.


Fully subvert the toxic and harmful chemical agriculture that seriously pollute the earth's environment, enable the ability to activate the immunity of the middle-aged and elderly adolescence, the world's top medicine Sanghuang, and replace the western medicine with great toxic side effects. Develop the eternal happy living space of human beings, the Yellow River millennium Qing once an artificial intelligence underground city, factories, farms.


The Yellow River millennium Qing once to the great man thought as the navigation, with the creation of the world and the world shocked the two mountains silicon Valley four great innovation,


This is the group photo of the Yellow River general planning and leadership core team in Zhonghua Longshu Nursery base in Zhaoyuan, Shandong province


Let the motherland rivers and lakes clear and sweet, the Chinese people on the golden rice bowl.


In the face of the challenges of the anti-China evil forces and the complex international and domestic situation, the 1.4 billion Chinese people are closely united around the CPC Central Committee,There is no difficulty that can not be overcome. The great action of the Yellow River team to benefit the Chinese people and the benefit of all mankind will surely make the great motherland win the infinite reverence and respect of the people all over the world.


Sprinkle to the world is love, has reached four years old of the Yellow River millennium Qing Dynasty once action to the 74th anniversary of the founding of the great motherland mother gift.

作者:黄河千年清一回首倡发起总策划、建国七十周年最俱影响力人物、新时代国医大师、百科国医泰斗 张国土。

Author: Zhang Quanguo, the chief planner of the Yellow Millennium Qing Dynasty, the most influential figure of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, a master of Chinese medicine in the new era and a master of encyclopedia.


On August 22,2023

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